10 Foods You Should Never Keep in the Fridge

While there is no definite right or wrong answer on the storage of some food items, there are, however, certain foods that are much more straightforward. These foods should never be refrigerated, and belong only on your countertop or pantry. Here are 10 foods that should not be stored in the fridge:

  1. TomatoesTomatoes – Tomatoes will lose their flavor and texture if refrigerated, and the ripening process (which gives tomatoes more flavor) will also be halted. Keep tomatoes out in a bowl or on the counter.
  2. Basil – Basil will wilt faster if stored in the fridge, and will absorb the smells of the food around it. It is better to leave basil in a cup of fresh water, like cut flowers.basil
  3. *potatoesPotatoes *– Cold temperatures turn the starch in the potato to sugar at a faster rate, so you will be left with sweet potatoes. Hence, it is better to leave potatoes in your pantry, and store them in a paper bag (which is more breathable than plastic bags).
  4. Onions – If stored in the refrigerator, onions will eventually turn soft and moldy. It is best to keep them in a cool, dry place. Scallions and chives, however, can safely be refrigerated due to their high water content.Onions
  5. AvocadoAvocados – Refrigeration interferes with the ripening process in avocados. So if you want to ripen your avocadoes, don’t store them in the fridge.
  6. Garlic –Garlic will eventually start to sprout if left in cold temperatures. It may also turn moldy and rubbery. It is ideal to keep garlic in a cool, dry place.garlic
  7. *BreadBread­ *– Unless it is sliced sandwich bread that you plan to use within a few days, it is best to keep bread out on the counter top or in the freezer. Storing bread in the fridge only dries it out quicker.  Bread that will be consumed in four days can be kept out, but anything beyond that should be kept in the freezer for later use.
  8. *Olive Oil *– Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dry place and never in the fridge, where it will condense and turn into a harder consistency.Olive Oil

*coffee  9. Coffee *– To prevent loss of flavor and freshness, coffee should not be refrigerated. Like olive oil, coffee needs to be stored in a cool, dry place.

*10. Honey *– Crystallization will take place if honey is kept in the fridge. Simply keeping it tightly sealed will help preserve honey for a long time.Honey  

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