5 Food Trends that Happened in 2014

Several unique food trends surfaced this year – some of which have left lasting impressions. Here are five such foods:
1. Hybrid Food – The idea of combining two or more types of food has been a hit among many worldwide. These Cragelshybrid foods usually involve pastries, such as cronuts, a combination of croissants and donuts, and cragels, a
combination of croissants and bagels. The “Yo’clair” is another creative creation which features yogurt in an éclair casing. One more noteworthy hybrid fad is the ramen burger, which merges the classic burger with noodles in lieu of the bun.

Wiki Cell

  1. Wiki Cell – The year 2014 also saw the birth of edible casings, in which
    different types of food and drinks, such as ice cream, yogurt, cheese and soda, can be placed. The case is thin yet it does not melt when touched.

  2. Flavored Water – Bottled water in a variety of flavors, like lemon, orange, strawberry, apple, and many more are aBottled Flavored Water common sight on grocery shelves now. The taste is almost pure water, with a slight hint of the flavor. Some of the drinks also contain caffeine and electrolytes.

  3. Mochi Balls – ThMochi Ballsese are a sweet treat that features flavored ice cream wrapped with chewy rice dough. The mocha balls trend spread very quickly, like the bubble milk tea a few years ago. While the concept of Mochi balls is not new, the fad spread to major levels in 2014 with different varieties of this dessert made available by different companies.

  4. Cleansing Juices – With the recent growing inclination of staying fit and healthy, people are finding “juicing” very Cleansing Juicesbeneficial in getting rid of toxins in their body, as well as a means to consuming fewer calories. Organic cold pressed juices are prepared from various vegetables and fruits and are then contained in bottles.

Some of the above food trends have become a part of the daily lifestyle, such as cleansing juices. Others have become catalysts for new creations that consumers can continue to enjoy.

(Source: International Business Times)