wanteet-logo8“Those obsessed with health are not healthy; the first requisite of good health is a certain calculated carelessness about oneself”
— Sydney J. Harris

With the inundation of information on healthy eating, recipes to stay healthy, tips to get healthy, or advice on why to get healthy, there seems to be no way to escape the term “healthy”. Safe to say people have mixed feelings about it – some swear by their daily routine and claim they feel refreshed and have a renewed approach to life, others say the word has been overused and allows for too many loopholes for the uncommitted. Nutritional journals compile lists of ranked healthy foods, with quinoa and kale at the top of the list for whole grains and leafy green vegetables. Nonfat yogurt or full fat yogurt (or no yogurt at all?), carrots or celery, almond milk or soy milk, the least processed ready-to-eat microwave dinner or lentil-stew from scratch? So many choices can be a blessing or a curse. If you have the time and interest to peruse the most-trustworthy sources (and how do you find out which ones they are?), you can discern which way to go. Though many call it an economical decision, it’s also about biology and psychology. At the penultimate moment, what matters most to you as you make the food decisions you do? How do you convince yourself to take the long way around the parking lot or walk up the stairs instead of the taking the escalator or the car? Our motivations drive our actions, so what makes you motivated? Sometimes the answers are found in asking the right questions, so start asking yourself about your own conviction to lead a healthy life.

As you start asking yourself, think about this. In your quest to discover your own unique healthy lifestyle, why should you Wanteet? Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie high-fiber meal or an indulgent and rich affair, Wanteet is the hyper-local neighborhood marketplace for you! Buy groceries, buy ingredients, meet food entrepreneurs, order food, or simply learn more about the gastronomical scene near you! From your next-door neighbor to a hole-in-the-wall multi-ethnic take-out place right around the corner, there is something here to satisfy even the pickiest and most dubious consumer. We understand that you are on a budget, we understand you only want the best, we understand you have unique tastes. And we understand you want to be healthy. So come and let us make that happen, let us be your community. Take home a piece of love along with your food. On your journey to balance everything, take a step closer to making food decisions that make you happy. Learn healthy, be healthy, go Wanteet.

What does being healthy meant to you? Feel free to inform, vent, ponder, or just share your story! Leave a comment below to join the conversation!