About InChefs

Inchefs.com, a product of Wanteet Inc., is a marketplace connecting local chefs from the world over and foodies for an awesome culinary experience, or an easy turnkey solution for occasions. Foodies include travelers, people with dietary restrictions and party hosts. The services marketed by InChefs include private parties, personal chef services, cooking classes and unique culinary experiences in different parts of the world by chefs. Chefs and Culinary Instructors get a virtual storefront to market themselves and boost sales through increased visibility via www.inchefs.com

Testimonial i-GATE hosts a monthly Meetup group, before inChefs we would always order pizza for the group. Since we started using inChefs we have been able to get food for the Meetup from different vendors each time, for only a little bit more money than the pizzas cost, by using the Make a request (yumQuotes) option. Being able to have variety has been a nice benefit for the members of the Meetup group. The process of getting and selecting a quote is simple and straightforward.