An Ingenious Invention – A Microwave That Counts Calories

A kitchen cannot-do-without for many of us, the microwave has been pragmatic at bringing life back to leftovers within minutes, or simply for whipping up a quick random meal. Now to add to the convenience of this pivotal appliance, the tech gurus at General Electric are rolling out a Microwavemicrowave that will automatically calculate the caloric value of the dishes it is asked to warm/cook. Is that clever or what?!

So what will be the technology behind this feat? A calorimeter will be used, that will simultaneously weigh your food and penetrate it with a low-energy, which behaves in different ways when it passes through different nutrients. The microwave will then monitor these changes to assess your food’s nutritional constituents. The whole process will only take a second or two!

To make this microwave compatible with today’s mobile technology, it will be able to link up with your smartphone and keep track of your calories via an app. So no more excuses for keeping track of your caloric intake!

Source: Black Doctor