Apple Cider for Acne?

Most over- the-counter acne products (as well as some prescribed ones) contain chemicals that are harsh on your skin, and can have harmful effects on your health. So what would be a healthy and natural alternative? The answer is apple cider vinegar. This natural ingredient will not only provide safe and healthy acne-fighting benefits to your skin, but is also safe enough to ingest.

Your skin has a natural acid layer that fends off the germs and pollution it is exposed to on a daily basis. Many Apple Cider Vinegarcommercial skin cleansers and products affect the acidity of your skin, weakening its innate ability to protect against outside forces. However, the acid in apple cider vinegar helps to balance the skin’s natural acidity to ensure that it has protection. In addition, the components within apple cider vinegar can remove substances like makeup and dirt from your skin, break down dead skin cells and attack bacteria.

According to Acne Einstein, taking apple cider vinegar orally might also be beneficial for your skin since acetic acid in vinegar can control insulin levels in the body, thus balancing the hormones involved in acne formation.

Ready to give it a try? Here is how: mix the apple cider vinegar with water using a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 (two to three times more water than vinegar). Wash your face with a gentle and natural cleanser, then apply the vinegar-water mixture to your face using a cotton ball and do not wash it off. (Note: Test the vinegar mixture on a small area on your skin first).

To take apple cider vinegar internally: measure out one tablespoon and drink it once a day. If you don’t like the taste, try mixing it with some juice or food.

Source: Natural News