Artificial Sweeteners and Their Risks

It is commonly known that too much sugar is a risk for your health. This is why over the years, artificial sweeteners have gotten MEGA popular, because lets face it…sweets are delicious! However, are artificial sweeteners really the answer to the prayers of sugar craving individuals everywhere? A lot of companies say that their products are natural, but they are almost always refined and processed.

Although artificial sweeteners may be beneficial to people with diabetes, they can cause other harmful problems in the body. Artificial sweeteners have been under constant research, and scientists are now throwing around potential diseases such as cancer. Although there is no specific evidence that links cancer to these sweeteners, it makes you stop and think.

As for the more common effects, artificial sweeteners actually make you crave more sweets. According to many studies, these sweeteners activate receptors in your brain’s pleasure centers, which link to sweet tastes. You will save some calories by using Splenda or Equal in your coffee in the morning, but you might also be activating that sweet tooth of yours later on in the day.

no artificial sweeteners

The best option out there is raw brown sugar. Its commonly known that brown sugar is better than white sugar, but not all brown sugar is raw. Most of the time it is bleached white sugar with molasses added to give the color. It also tastes much better than white sugar or  artificial sweeteners, which usually leave a bad aftertaste.

brown sugar

Diet sodas, sugar free desserts, etc. should also be avoided as much as possible. A little bit of natural raw sugar is okay! The key is moderation. Honey and agave are also great natural sweeteners that can have a positive effect on your health.