Best of the Bay: Extra Chocolate-y Desserts

The creamy, smooth, decadent taste loved by everyone around the world for at least THREE millennia. One cannot help but appreciate a great chocolate-y dessert. Whenever I go to a restaurant to eat, I can’t help but always be hesitant when it comes to ordering a chocolate-based dessert. Will it be too sweet? Too bitter? Will the texture be off? Well have no fear! Below is a list of absolutely awesome chocolate desserts from well known places in the bay area, compiled by the internet and my own chocolate adventures.

List of ten:

  1. Gary Danko: Chocolate Soufflé

  2. Chez Spencer: Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake

  3. Gialina: Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza with Amaretti and Mascarpone

  4. SPQR: Malt Chocolate Cake

  5. Foreign Cinema: Chocolate Pot de Créme**

  6. Sons and Daughters: Chocolate Cremeux

  7. Nopa: Chocolate Mousse

  8. Baker and Banker: XXX Triple Dark

  9. A16: Chocolate Budino Tart

  10. Bix: Warm Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding