Black is “in”!

Fast-food chains aKuro Pearlre often the initial force behind atypical food innovations. Burger King in Japan recently unveiled a special menu item which may test even the most adventurous of diners.  Kuro Pearl – a black colored burger (no, not burnt)! The Kuro Pearl is a cheeseburger featuring a slice of black cheese with black sauce between a two jet black buns.Kuro Diamond

The bun’s striking black color is due to the use of ‘bamboo charcoal’, while the patty is slathered with ketchup containing black squid ink. As strange as it sounds, Japanese customers have taken quite a liking to Kuro Pearl! Due to the popularity of the black burger, Burger King has now introduced two versions of the black burger: the Kuro Pearl (with black patty, cheese and sauce), and the Kuro Diamond (includes include lettuce, tomato and onion).

Anybody bold enough to give them a try?

(Source: Good Food, Design & Trend)