Curry Leaf

Curry leaves a primary spice ingredient,are extensively used in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking.

Some people pick out and remove the curry leaves in food, but these leaves are known to have great medicinal value and we should be eating them often instead of throwing them! Curry leaves stimulate digestive enzymes and help indigestion. Juice of curry leaves along with lemon juice and a pinch of sugar can help nausea and digestion problems. Chewing on curry leaves has also been proven to help in weight reduction. Curry leaves have excellent antioxidant properties. They help people with high cholesterol as well as high blood glucose levels. Curry leaves are known to be good for hair growth and help premature graying of hair, boil these leaves in coconut hair oil and then apply this oil externally to the hair as well! When made into a pulp, they can help simple bruises, burns and skin eruptions also. These leaves have many health advantages… add some in your food daily!

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