Daily Dose of Protein

Recently I ran across this list of foods that are great alternative sources of protein (instead of red meats) if included adequately in everyday meals! If these foods are chosen with care from your local markets and grocery stores you could be able to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment too, while staying healthy. Take a look:

  1. Lentils

  2. they are the most climate friendly source of protein

  3. they are rich in fiber and nutrients such as iron and folate

  4. Tomatoeslentils

  5. each tomato contains 1 gram of protein

  6. tomatoes are so versatile and can be included anywhere- from salads to the main course

  7. Milk/Soymilk

  8. choose milk from organic or grass-fed cows from local farms to reduce carbon footprint

  9. nonfat or 1% milk are the best choices

  10. Beans

  11. dry beans will reduce your carbon footprint 

  12. beans are rich in nutrients, fiber and protein

  13. Tofu

  14. tofu can be tricky but try choosing USDA certified or non-GMO labeled tofu to avoid genetically modified soybean products

  15. tofu is also high in protein

  16. Broccoli

  17.  provides 2 grams of protein per cup

  18. low carbon food and great for health

  19. Yogurt

  20. choose organic and nonfat or low fat yogurt

  21. Nuts/ Peanut Butter/ Seeds

  22. monounsaturated fats

  23. high in protein
  24. Peanut butter- look for natural peanut butter to avoid extra sugars and hydrogenated oils

  25. Brown Rice

  26. retains fibers and nutrients

  27. whole grains like quinoa and millet is also good for you

  28. Potato

  29. buy organic to avoid pesticide residue

11. Eggs (in moderation)

  • high in protein, eat mostly whites
  • look for organic or pasture-raised

  • Tuna/Salmon/Halibut

  • rich in omega-3 fatty acids

  • choose light tuna to reduce mercury exposure
  • choose wild salmon over farmed for less of a carbon footprint

  • Chicken/Turkey

  • choose organic, pasture raised, antibiotic free for lower environmental impact

  • cook it skinless to reduce saturated fat intake