Five Common Scrambled Egg Mistakes

Scrambled eggs are an everyday breakfast item for some of us. But are we making it the right way? Here are ways to correct some of the most common mistakes made while scrambling eggs:

Scrambled Eggs

  1. *Don’t be feeble with your eggs.* Whisk well and vigorously – this will add volume and air to the eggs making them fluffy. The mixture will deflate if you let it sit. So right before adding to the pan, whisk again. **
  2. *Don’t add milk, cream, or water to the eggs. *Contrary to the common notion that eggs will be creamier this way, the eggs and liquid actually separate during cooking creating wet and overcooked eggs.
  3. *Don’t use high heat. *Whether you want small curd (stirring often) or large curd (stirring less), you need to scramble eggs over medium-low heat – and if necessary, pulling the pan off the heat if it gets too hot, until the eggs reach their desired doneness.
  4. Don’t overcook them. Take them off the heat a little before you think they are done. The leftover heat will keep cooking the eggs for a minute or so. Using a cast-iron or a nonstick skillet helps with the clean up later.
  5. Ditch that fork. Make sure you scramble the eggs with a heat-proof spatula, a flat-topped wooden spoon, or for the perfect curd, chopsticks.