Food made easy by InChefs

The Problem

Today it has become commonplace for people to reach for frozen food. However, many busy parents and professionals would love to eat fresh healthy food that matches their health related needs. Most of these people will not drive very far to get this food. Our choices are often however limited to the restaurants nearby. Fortunately for us, California  relaxed its laws recently for cottage food. Today, with a business license and a certificate from the health department, food artisans can sell food on a small scale.  I know Angie who lives down the street, who makes the most awesome Italian food. If she had a marketplace where she could list her food and make money on the side she would. I know many such Angies from different parts of the world who would do this. Now, all of a sudden my choices for Italian food include not just the restaurant but the many Angies in my neighborhood who make Italian faire.

The Solution

InChefs Orders

InChefs is designed to be a neighborhood marketplace on the mobile phone that provides a storefront to food artisans and restaurants, thus enabling  customers to procure food from restaurants and local food artisans in our vicinity. Food artisans and restaurants get an opportunity to establish a virtual restaurant, increase their visibility, and increase sales through InChefs. The virtual restaurant comes with a built in POS that enables customers to buy food from the menu.

InChefs Requests

Customers can also request custom items. Restaurants or local food artisans respond to requests with competitive offers. InChefs requests make birthday parties and dinners a breeze, along with the other services that accompany a party. InChefs intends to take advantage of the new law and create food entrepreneurs one at a time. InChefs is enabling a collaborative economy for food like Uber for transport etc where the market strives to meet a demand.