Food Trucks

Love’em or hate’em, they give way to that innate feeling of unbridled yummy goodness.

Food Trucks are becoming increasingly popular and have been taking the bay area by storm. They are no longer places just to grab a bite; they have become slightly deeper than that. They are now almost like restaurants, with gourmet style snacks, entrees, desserts, and even drinks! These specialty trucks are being embraced by food critics and are rapidly becoming a hot-spots among locals.

Lately they have popped up in major cities, especially San Francisco, and one cannot help but jump into the bandwagon. The SOMA street food park is a dream come true. Open 7 days a week with different trucks each day, the food trucks with their diversity and mobility have a lot to offer. One is able to eat a combination of different items everyday: an appetizer of one cuisine, entrée of another, and dessert of something else. These trucks are more accessible than restaurants and are evolving from just places of simple carnival food to something more appealing to food connoisseurs.