Macarons Gearing Up To Take Over Trendiest Dessert Tables

For the past five years, the cupcake has enjoyed its reign atop dessert tables, and it seemed that no other sweet was big enough to knock it off its pedestal. Enter the macaron! Small, lightweight and palatable, this Parisian cookie has become a staple at many gatherings.

Macarons are often confused with the coconut-flecked macaroons. Although they both initiate from a base of egg whites and sugar, the French macarons are distinctive due to their bright colors, uniform size, shiny exterior and crinkled “foot” that lies on the bottom edge.

MacaronsThe original stacked cookies were made with an almond paste, instead of the now-common almond flour. The history of the macarons has origins in Italy, dating around the 17th or 18th centuries. They were later adapted by France’s culinary culture.

Fillings were typically jams or ganaches, but most recently, macarons are stuffed with flavored buttercream frosting. A huge appeal to the cookie over the cupcake is the convenience. There is no paper wrapper, or crumbs. They are a two-bite light treat, allowing an eater to have a few without feeling indulgent.  The good news for allergy-sufferers is that this French dessert is naturally gluten-free.

In the world of desserts, previous trends have included cupcakes, salted-caramel goodies, chocolate-dipped bacon and the cronut – a cross between a flaky croissant and a doughnut. Curious about the next dessert trend? We will just have to wait and see…

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(Source: The Dessert Sun)