upk2Before entering my first year of college, I was warned about freshmen 15. You probably have encountered this yourself when you were in college, or you might still be living through it now! What is this phenomenon you might ask? It’s the concept that college freshmen, given the freedom to make their own health choices, pack on the pounds during their college years. The “15” is just an average number, which means that students might be gaining less or a lot more.  But despite whether people are in college or not, given the freedom of choice, everyone still goes through this struggle to make the right decisions and find a balance towards living their ideal healthy lifestyle.

One UC Santa Cruz student, Shravya Neerugunti, has taken a whole new meaning to fitness during her freshmen year. To her, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about being physically healthy but it’s also about being mentally healthy as well.  Through her personal experience she learned that for her and for most people, working out is the easy part. The hard part is self-control in the kitchen and grocery stores.  She says, “Fitness is not just about the body but about the mind. Controlling your thoughts takes effort. You should not just cut down on the sugars because it’s not good to restrict yourself from the things you like. Moderation is the key to having a healthy life.” Like she said, being healthy doesn’t mean that you need to cut out everything that’s a little sugary or greasy from your diet. Cutting down on processed foods and choosing fresh products from local farmers is beneficial in all aspects.

And if motivation is what you lack like many, Shravya offers some basic tips that might help you follow through your eating and exercising goals everyday. She advises that, “People should stay motivated by writing their goals down and keeping a calendar with them so they can check back and see how they have progressed over the weeks. Tell yourself that you will get up and do something healthy for your body everyday.”

As the saying goes, a little effort goes a long way. Let Wanteet help you take that first step towards finding local farmers markets and providers that can help improve your lifestyle with fresh and delicious produce. Start in the kitchen and work your way into the gym day by day. If done right, you just might be amazed at the positive energy surrounding you.

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