Organic in a can?


I was startled to see a mountain made out of organic soda cans in

alright to extend the same excuse to flours, grains and cereals. But if

we are picking a canned soda filled with hormone disrupting chemical

anyway how does it matter if the flavoring is natural or artificial?

The ‘organic gummies’ have so many non-pronounceable names in the

ingredient list, I am wondering, would the 1% organic juice added to it

really make any difference?

The food industry is wise and into money making it can play on your

apprehensions of ‘harmful pesticides’ and ‘synthetic preservatives’ but

don’t let it fool you into buying organic-junk food. If you are drinking

Bisephenol-A; picking organic and natural flavorings are not going to

help your hormone levels.

Choose whole-some foods first and then if possible opt for organic.