Secret Eating Habits of Seven Charismatic Leaders

While there is no single secret to becoming a great leader, looking at the habits of leaders past and present is a great way to gain insights about how the leaders function. Even outside of their areas of expertise, charismatic leaders often demonstrate qualities of their own commitment to greatness. Here’s a look at some of the secret eating habits of seven charismatic leaders:
**1. Mark Zuckerberg ate only meat of animals he himself killed (in 2011, at least). **In 2011, Zuckerberg disclosed that he was [![Mark Zuckerberg](]( a personal challenge to eat only meat that came from animals he himself killed. Zuckerberg claimed the effort was to remind himself to be thankful for how readily available food is in the modern world, and to experience the significance of sustainable farming practices. While the effort was temporary, ending in 2012, Zuckerberg is still committed to eating healthfully and responsibly. [![Henry Ford](]( **2. Henry Ford ate weeds that came from his own garden. **According to Sidney Olson’s biography *Young Henry Ford*, Ford began to think of his own body as a type of car, which needed the right fuel in order to work properly. Paying close attention to what he ate, Ford’s diet would consist largely of “roadside greens”–vegetables and weeds that he would harvest himself and prepare as salads or as parts of sandwiches. **3. Howard Hughes was extremely germophobic.** Brilliant and reclusive, Hughes was well known for his obsessive-compulsive habits [![Howard Hughes](]( extreme fear of germs. Before Hughes completely isolated himself from society, he hired several servants to ensure his meals were as clean as possible. According to some reports, Hughes demanded that his utensils be wrapped in plastic and then handled with tissues before he would use them for a meal. Margaret Thatcher **4. Margaret Thatcher went on a crash diet before the 1979 election.** First female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was recently revealed to have gone on a dramatic “crash diet” in 1979, in the weeks leading up to her landmark election win. Boiled eggs, grapefruit, black coffee, and vegetables constituted most of her diet in an effort to lose weight quickly–but she cooked all her food herself. **5. Charles Darwin discovered countless species–and ate them. **Darwin is well known as being the father of evolutionary theory, a result of his dedica![Charles Darwin]( passion for discovering and studying forms of life. Over the course of his career as a scientist, he discovered countless species of animals, including iguanas, tortoises, and owls. What most people don’t know is that Darwin was a part of a Cambridge University organization called the Gourmet Club, whose members thrived on cooking and eating such rare and new species. **6. Winston Churchill valued dedicated, full meals.** Churchill’s strong personality is still well k![Winston Churchill]( and celebrated. Tenacious, witty, and tactful, Churchill is said to have valued table talk as a medium for important discussions, and preferred large meals of oysters, cheese, and various meats. He prioritized meals, even in periods of high stress or chaos. **7. Steve Jobs was a vegan–and would eat one type of food for weeks at a time.**Many people [![Steve Jobs](]( with the ingenious former CEO of Apple know that he was a longtime vegan, believing that his vegan eating habits were pure, healthy, and kept him free of body odor. Fewer people know that he would spend weeks at a time eating only one type of food, such as apples or carrots. As reported in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, he once ate so many carrots that his skin turned bright orange. (Source: Inc.)