The Butter Coffee Trend

Some butter in your coffee? While some of you may be scrunching your nose at the sound of that, others may be going “Mmmmmm!” Whichever way your taste palates reacted, adding butter (or ghee – clarified butter) to your coffee, instead of milk, is the latest health fad.

This butter coffee fad is common among some paleo enthusiasts, who won’t drink milk but eat butter or ghee. Enthusiasts claim that butter coffee is nutritious, and suggest grass-fed butter and MCT (medium-chain Butter Coffeetriglycerides) as key ingredients to ensure that the fat content is “good fat.” Proponents of this butter coffee trend insist that starting the day by consuming healthy fats is good for the immune system, balancing hormones, good cognitive function, and even weight loss. Consuming butter coffee is said to keep drinkers fuller for longer after breakfast, and thus preventing a caffeine “crash” and allowing for the shedding of pounds.

Opponents of the butter coffee trend are concerned about the high caloric content of butter coffee. Even though butter has long been added to tea in places like Nepal and Tibet, most sedentary people will have a hard time working off those extra kilojoules in their coffee. The fear that butter and MCTs contain high amounts of trans and saturated fats, thus increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke, is another major concern of those against adding butter in their coffee.

Leaving health debates aside, will you be willing to froth up a butter coffee the next time you crave some caffeine?

(Source: Bustle, Good Food, Wicked Local Manchester)