Vegan Diets

Opting for a vegan lifestyle is probably the most restrictive thing you could do. It means eliminating meat, fish, poultry and excluding all animal by-products including milk, eggs and cheese. It sounds horrible to the average food lover so why are so many people and celebrities turning towards this new trend recently?

There are numerous health benefits to sticking to this kind of diet and interestingly enough, going vegan can help shed pounds and fend off chronic diseases. It has been proven to reduce heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even control blood pressure and cholesterol.  Milk and cheese can be replaced with soy products and other options like almond milk or flax milk that are just as healthy. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, leafy greens and other natural products become essential in this diet and replace the hidden ingredients that most people don’t realize are in the stuff they eat! This diet is not only low on saturated fats and salt, but it avoids things like gelatin (made from animal bones and hooves), whey, lard (animal fat) and other downright unnecessary products.

After doing extensive research on these hidden animal products it seems like being able to understand the labels on the back of the food can prompt anyone to turn vegan. Simple things like jello, potato chips, peanuts, ice cream, cake, sugar, beer and a lot more can contain things like bird feathers, insect parts, beef fat, and fish gelatin. Common red pigment  in candy or drinks might contain carmin, a red powder made from the shells of a beetle. Sugar, which isn’t naturally white, is manufactured using bone char. It seems like every “natural” or “healthy” product that we don’t think twice about is somehow manipulated.

What’s worse is the way animals are treated in factory farms. For example, chickens are mutilated and stuffed on average seven per cage their entire lives in order to produce eggs. When they are first born, male chicks, which develop too slowly for meat and can’t produce eggs are tossed by the bucket-loads in giant grinders for disposal in these factories. The beaks of all chicks are seared off to prevent pecking in the cages. Over-crowded conditions like these, prompt the spread of disease and ammonia fumes from urine and feces. And this produce is commonly bought at grocery stores.

Whatever your reason may be- for the animals, your health or the environment-see if veganism might be a good option for you. The best part about the diet is that you can intake a lot more than you normally would and it is all high-fiber, nutrient rich, organic food that will help you get in shape that much faster. And you aren’t consuming anything you can’t see! Do your own research on veganism, hidden animal products and animal factory conditions and see if you might want to give this lifestyle a try. In the end, whether you are ready to give up meat and animal by-products or not, Wanteet will be there to serve all kinds of dietary needs.